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14 Day Report

So we’ve crossed the border and are settling into our new house up in Scotland. I’ve got to say the house is VERY nice and might even be the nicest one we’ve had so far!

There are still boxes everywhere at the moment because of the way we had to move... Usually the removal company would put each box in the room it’s meant to go in and then unpack it for you but because of Covid-19 the rules have changed...

They now put all of the boxes in the garage with overspill in one room and leave you to deal with them which is fine by us, it’s just taking a little longer than usual (and that’s before you add a teething 6 month old to the mix!).

The 14 Day Report

For those that don’t know or have never moved into a military property before, there’s a thing called the 14 day report. This is basically noting down all of the issues you find within your new house. You’re given 14 days to find and highlight them so that you’re not charged for them if they are picked up on your march out.

If you read my last blog about marching out then you'll know just how rigorous the inspection process is SO you need to get this 14 day report as accurate as possible to save you getting billed for stuff you haven’t caused.

It’s nothing private so I thought I’d share our 14 day report on our new house with you...


  • Deep cutting lines on sideboard from chopping without boards

  • Oven NOT cleaned to standard (carbon marks & cleaning product inside)

  • Oven door damaged, metal temporarily glued on but it’s since come off

  • Hob NOT cleaned to standard, brown stains around gas rings

  • Cupboard door handles loose, screws previously failed and was glued on instead (under sink handle has fallen off because of this)

  • Chips in the edge of sidetop and side of cupboard

  • Cupboard doors dirty, grime around all edges

  • Kitchen blind is old and dirty with stains and splatter marks

  • Stains on wall under light switch

  • Chipboard at back of cupboards falling away to rear

Utility Room

  • Door difficult to lock, have to apply pressure to lock

  • Picture hooks left up

  • Blind dirty with stains and splatter

Living Room

  • Carpet join lines clearly visible across carpet where it’s been fitted

  • Lots of small pulls on carpet (could be from a cat previously living here)

  • Picture hooks left on wall

  • Lots of patch paint on walls

  • Dining area curtains creased and dark marks on them

  • Mini hooks screwed into wood on top of windows


  • Patch paint and plaster work up stairs under banister

  • Chips in wood at floor level up stairs

  • Holes in walls from old picture hooks not filled in


  • Internal door catches on carpet when opening

  • Sticky tape marks on window PVC

  • Fuse box cover broken, will not stay closed

Downstairs Toilet

  • Holes in tiles where soap dish was previously fitted

  • Toilet roll holder screw replaced - Shows different screws & visible washer

  • patch paint over old picture hooks

Master Bedroom

  • Wardrobe door not sitting correctly on slides and catches on opening

  • Carpets heavily worn


  • Metal ring around shower adjustment knob is not attached and falls off

  • Soap dish handing off wall, only attached on one side

  • Plug hole is rusty & discoloured

  • Flooring is bubbling up

  • Black mould in bottom corner of shower (inside & out)

  • Radiator ha lots of black stains/marks & rust across bottom

  • Paint chipped off towel rail attachment, metal is rusty

  • Large chip on top of skirting board

  • Stained and rusty sink plug

Large spare room

  • Sink plug is stained

  • Patch paint over old wall pictures

  • Paint on wardrobes door ends

  • Carpet heavily worn

  • Curtains barely fit

Small Room One (Nursery)

  • Curtain rail damaged, curtains barely slides on right hand side

  • Patch paint on wallsPatch paint on walls

  • Carpet heavily worn with stains in middle (dark spots)

  • Curtains are stained

Small Room Two (Spare)

  • Plug socket fitted poorly to the wall (gaps around it)

  • Wardrobe clothes rail bows heavily, there is no support in the middle

  • Carpet is well worn

  • Deep scratch in windows PVC

  • Radiator is chipped

Storage Room

  • Carpets badly joined with clear lines across the room

  • Patch painted walls


  • Left side fence is not attached and swings open

  • Gate does not close properly (has to be lifted to be locked)

  • Hole in the bottom of gate (broken wood)

  • Grass both front and back is all covered in moss

  • Brown bin (garden waste) is broken and needs replaces asap

  • Patio slabs are not clean and there appears to be slabs missing

  • Burn marks on grass/edge of patio (could be from fire pit or BBQ)

I know exactly what you’re thinking... You’re thinking “Wow these guys are so petty, surely they can just live with it or just sort it out themselves”

Well my answer to that would be... Yes it does sound rather petty, however these are all things that if left un-noted we would be billed for when we leave the house in two years.

A lot of them will naturally be rectified by us, particularly the ones regarding cleanliness and other quick fixes but it's key to highlight any issues with carpets or walls to ensure we're not unnecessarily billed for a new carpet or full re-decorate.

It’s all stuff that we work so hard on in every house when marching out to make sure it’s perfect...

They literally want the house to be sparkling when it’s handed over after march out SO it’s only fair that we expect it to be sparkling when handed over to us on march in!

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