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Running and remembering the 48 of Claines

Remembrance this year is going to be a bit of an odd one because of Covid 19 restrictions. Parades have been cancelled and the ability for people to attend services is going to be very limited.

It's a real shame, however some (myself included) might argue that it doesn't actually matter where you are as long as you take a few minutes out of your day to remember all of those brave souls who fought and died for our freedom.

There are also quite a few things happening virtually that you could take part in and I urge you to do this.

The Poppy Appeal is also asking for support from the public more than ever this year because a lot of people will be unable to leave their homes as they normally would to buy a poppy or to put some money in the many tins we usually see around. On top of this the people who actually sell the poppies (many of whom are veterans) may also have to stay at home and avoid face to face contact if they are shielding.

To help overcome this, the Poppy Appeal has come up with a few different ways that you can still help them and you can find more information here.

I was racking my brain trying to think of something I could do to encourage people to remember and donate, so I went for a walk to have a think... I walked past my local memorial situated in the churchyard of Claines Church and on there are the names of all of the men who left Claines to fight in WW1 and WW2, that didn't return home to their families.

There are 48 names in total, I will list them below.

I thought the least I could do was run one mile for every man on there and take the time (whilst out of breath) to reflect and remember them.

I would also love to help the Poppy Appeal out during these hard times so I'm asking to you donate to my cause. I'll do the running and you do the giving.

I've set up a justgiving page and you can see it by clicking here... Please give what you can!

If you're feeling up to it, go to your local memorial and note down the names of those lost locally to you too. I would love to see you all out running for them too, but even if you can't, the important thing is that we remember them.

These are the 48 names of those men from Claines who never returned home after the war...

Arthur Banner

Hubert Earle Barnard

William I. T. Bradley

Harry William Brown

Francis Bullen

Walter Bullock

Arthur George Burrow

George Trevor Cartland

Charles Henry Conn

Frederick Gwatkin Oldham Curtler

Percy John Gore Divers

Thomas Dowdeswell

Walter Richard Garland

Cecil Haines

Gerald Haines

Gilbert John Harding

Harold Houghton

Harvey W Jones

Robert Wallace Knott

Harry Newton Loynes

Samuel Munn

James Munn

Ernest Randle

Samuel Skillern

George Stone

Geoffrey Robert

John Watkins

James Watkins

Howard Alfred Cecil Barnes

Philip Harold Bullock

William E Donovan

Robert James Drinkwater

Douglas Victor Gwillam

John Henry George

George Arthur Hextall

Gordon Matthews

Robert George Macdonald

Graham Warren Macdonald

George Joseph Pitt

James Henry Pitt

David Merlin Purser

Hugh Edmund Vaughan Purser

Thomas W Pye

Frank Rhodes

Frederick Severnoaks

Douglas Frederick Slocombe

Eric Fielder Thomas

A.E Williams

We will remember them!

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