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Stay At Home Dad

After thinking long and hard about how the arrival of Holly will change our lives, I’ve decided to make the difficult decision to put my career on hold...

A lot of people have been asking me why I’m leaving full time radio, especially at a time when getting a job in the radio industry is so hard.

I’ve seen many of my friends who are INCREDIBLE presenters lose their jobs over the last few months and years and here I am choosing to step down. I’ve been called crazy a few times but there is method in my madness...

Kelly and I are both very hard working people, we both love our jobs and up until now our work has always come first. However having a baby to look after is like a full time job itself, so one of us had to make a sacrifice and right now that's me.

I’ve been working in the media industry since I was 16 and I’ve enjoyed every single second of it from volunteering at Youthcomm Radio, working for Free Radio, The BBC and Jemm One, before joining the forces community with BFBS.

I've been so lucky to have had so many great postings whilst working for BFBS Including the Falkland Islands (twice), Germany, Cyprus, Bahrain and then back to the UK.

After welcoming Holly into the world, we realised that it was not feasible to juggle 2 careers without spending an extortionate amount of money on childcare. It just didn’t make sense to pay so much for someone else to look after our baby when one of us could do it instead, while enjoying every moment along the way.

Keeping in line with the theme of my military husband blog it’s definitely not viewed as the ’traditional’ way of doing things. A few might believe that the man should be the bread winner and the woman should be staying at home looking after the children, but I’m not the first and I won’t be the last man to do this. Especially in the military community where the ‘very rare’ male spouse is starting to become a lot more common.

Fortunately my skills are in an industry which facilitates a lot of freelance work, so I hopefully won’t be hanging up the headphones for too long!

So now we’re here...After handing in my notice in November, I completed my last day of work with BFBS yesterday. I’ve been so nervous about finishing work and being a full time dad but now I’m really looking forward to the prospect of it all. I’m VERY lucky to be in a position to stop work and watch my daughter grow up and be with her all the time.

I’ll get to be there when she takes her first steps, says her first words and I’ll be dropping her off at school on her first day.

To be honest I really can’t wait!

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