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Surviving Valentines Day Alone

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Your other half is away on deployment, a posting or an exercise, so you have to spend the day of love all alone... That's never nice is it?!

I’ve only spent 2 out of 6 valentines days with my wife but we’ve always made an effort to do something special, even if we are on other sides of the world.

I thought I’d share a small list of things you could do if you’re on your own this year so that getting through the day can be a bit easier...

Get In Contact

Wherever they might be around the world, your other half is still likely to have access to the internet (unless they are SUPER sneaky beaky) but even then, they'd probably have access to internet so don’t forget to send them a little message. Even if you hate it, it’s still nice to say ‘happy valentines day’ isn’t it... Even better, you could record them a little video so they can watch it over and over again! This would be especially great if you have small children, get them in the video too.

If Skype or FaceTime is an option you should definitely make an effort to do this!

If you can’t link up online, try connecting via phone call, or (with a bit of foresight) go old school and post a card or letter!

Send a gift

No matter where Kelly or I are in the world I’ve always tried my best to send something over to her on valentines day, preferably flowers but in some places it’s not that easy to get flowers sent (the Falkland Islands being one of them). I had to pull some serious strings last year to get some flowers there. So although you may not be able to send flowers, BFPO is pretty amazing and if you plan ahead you could at least send something!

If they’re on Ops and it’s under 2kg, it would also be free to send... BONUS!

Buy yourself a present

We’ve covered you sending them a present because that’s easy to do. You’ll have access to loads of shops and plenty of post offices to send BFPO from. For them, it probably won’t be as easy to send something back because they’ll be really busy with work and there won’t be as many (if any) shops. So unless they’ve thought ahead I wouldn’t hold your breath on getting something...

So instead... Why not take yourself shopping and buy yourself something nice. If it’s really expensive, just wait until they’re home to tell them!

Don’t wind yourself up

If you are the type of person who loves valentines day, why not have a day off of social media so that you don’t upset yourself or get yourself down by seeing the entire world drooling over each other.

You might also want to go somewhere that PDA (Public Displays of Affection) isn’t going to be all around you...

Places could include... The Dentists, The Chiropodist, The Doctors, A DIY shop, A fishing tackle shop, The Library etc... You get the idea!

Go out with mates

If you’re not bothered about seeing other couples mentally undressing each other, then why not head out with your mates... I know it’s not the same as going out with your other half on valentines day, but if you make an effort to get yourself out the house then it will take your mind off the fact you’re not with them.

If you’re thinking “well all my mates will be out with their other half”... Firstly I’m sure you have or can find a single mate AND there will be plenty of other spouses on your patch who are also going to be spending the day alone, so why not go out together and have a few drinks!

Stay in with mates

Same as above but you don’t need to go out to have fun. Stay in and invite some mates over, you could even throw an ‘I’m alone on valentines day party’

Binge a boxset

Failing going out or staying in with mates, you could just chill out alone with some chocolate and binge watch a series...

Ones I would recommend at the moment - Breaking Bad, Black Mirror, Benidorm, Game Of Thrones, Peaky Blinders, The Crown...

All of these are AMAZING!


Last but not least, if you’re really not fussed about the whole thing then why not offer your babysitting services up to a couple who because they have small children, haven’t been able to go out for a nice romantic night out for years!

I’m sure they would be so grateful for this!

It would also occupy your mind and keep you busy whilst one of the soppiest nights of the year passes us by once again.


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