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We’re Not Going Anywhere

We’ve covered Military families and moving house a few times in pervious blogs so I won’t go into it but basically it happens a lot...

Now moving house in my opinion can be approached in two different ways... You’ll either be REALLY excited about it and can’t wait to move OR you’re actually very happy where you are at the moment and don’t really fancy moving again.

I’ve had a mix of both over the last few years, some I’ve looked forward to and others I’ve dreaded.

Now with things how they are at the moment, it doesn’t really matter how you’re feeling because chances are you're not going anywhere! This is because of COVID-19 and all moves have been placed on hold until July, although that may be reviewed again.

We're living in York at the moment which is brilliant but we're just about to embark on our 5th house move in 4 years. Our next location is Glasgow and I’m pretty excited about it because we know once we get there, we’ll be settled in one place for at least 2 years... 2 WHOLE years!

Our move date was actually meant to be this week but as I mentioned, it’s now been delayed. We haven’t been given a new date to move yet and to be honest I’m not overly optimistic for that being in July. Everybody will be in the same boat... Who get’s first dibs on removals?

So if you’re move like ours has been frozen and you're staying where you are for the time being, why not look at the positives and use this extra time to your advantage...

Sort out ’those' boxes

You know the ones i’m talking about... The ones that seem to move from house to house with you, the ones that never get opened and just take up cupboard space. A familiar phrase might sound like... “Ah, we’ll sort them when we get to the new house.” Why wait until then though? Why not use the extra time in this house to sort them out now?

Don’t get charged on march out

Have you ever been charged for little things that you could have easily sorted out if you had a bit more time? Well now you have that time gifted to you on a plate. I was billed for something in Germany that could have been sorted out in an hour, I just ran out of time! Never again though, I’ve learnt my lesson. I’ve heard so many people say 'It’s fine, I’ll just take the charge!' But why would you if you don’t have to?! Start cleaning the windows and scrubbing the oven now so you don’t have to bribe the person marching you out.

Have no regrets

I don’t know about you but I always get to a new location and look back wishing I’d done something in the precious place. Well again you could use this time to make sure you've done everything you wanted to. You could use your daily exercise to go somewhere (as long as it’s nearby) that you just haven’t had time to go to. Make this the one time you move with no regrets.

Go and say hello

Although you can’t socialise fully, go and see/meet some neighbours on your patch who you haven’t had a chance to see much of. Remember though... KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! We’ve been knocking on people’s doors and then standing right back, having a conversation from the bottom of their path, you’ll just need to talk louder!

Join that Facebook group

If you haven’t done so already, join your new patches facebook group. There should be one for you to join, I haven’t lived anywhere yet where there isn’t one and if there isn’t one, start one! These facebook groups are great places to meet your new neighbours and start getting to know them. A lot of people wait and then join these groups when they get to their new location but you might as well use this time in #lockdown to get a head start.

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