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What A Year It’s Been

It's been a whole year since I started The Military Husband blog!

In case you didn’t know, I created it because I wanted to offer an insight into the life of a military spouse, BUT from a husbands point of view rather than that of a wife... If you google ‘military spouse’ the majority of results will be about military wives so I thought, I’ll get in on that and write a bit about my experience!

So far the reaction to the blog has been pretty mixed, mostly positive but there's always a few that have nothing better to do than moan about something I’ve said.

It’s received some great press, both local and national and if nothing else it’s proved that there is a need for a blog like this because it highlighted the narrow-mindedness of some people.

These were some of the comments It received in the papers:

"this guy clearly has too much time on his hands...get the tea on!"

"I can see why people would assume he's a woman, he whinges like one"

"Dry your eyes mate!"

"Just another load of rubbish to moan about"

"yaa you are serving mate... at home lol"

"Omg the poor thing"

I think this one is my favourite - "Someone get him some cream for his butthurt"

Luckily I’m not offended easily and I can laugh this sort of thing off and even though these negative, quite sexist comments poured in, they were outweighed by loads of really positive comment!

As well as the newspapers covering it, I've also been invited onto a few TV programmes all of which are still in the pipeline for the the future...

I also wanted to touch upon #SpouseHour which came hand in hand with my blog. It sees a community which is so spread out around the forces world come together once a week to talk and share. So far it’s been brilliant and I’ve met a load of other spouses in my position because of it.

It’s also very cool to see the audience and participants grow on a daily basis, we’ve even cracked into the spouse community overseas!

If you’re a spouse of any sort (you don’t have to be a military spouse), you should definitely get involved on Mondays! All the information you need is here

Once again thank you for reading and supporting my blog, here’s to another big year!

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Macca Ginger
Macca Ginger

Superb piece as usual. Sadly mate this wonderful new world we live in is full of haters!! Keyboard warriors got to love them!!

You keep doing what you’re doing it’s a brilliant blog

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